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Benita Elcock

Mrs. Benita M. Elcock worked in Community Management, as the Assistant General Manager of a Condominium Association in Washington, D.C. for the last 15 years. Being the manager of a condominium association afforded her the opportunity to play an active role on a board of directors, the position held was the Secretary. She also has provided notary services for the District of Columbia and Maryland. Benita holds an associate degree in Criminal Justice and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies. She’s been a member of the CAI Institute (Community Association Institute), where she’s obtained required professional designations to manage commercial properties and engage in community events. Benita has been a member of First Baptist Church of Highland Park since 2010 and completed the Discipleship Program there. She’s also a published author as of 2020, her children’s book title is “We Planted Seeds Today”. Benita is deeply committed to helping others, she loves to serve. Her ministry is family counseling and guidance to young parents and seniors, Benita is a humble woman of God. After relocating to North Carolina, she was given the opportunity to become an active member of the Women of Triumph. The Women of Triumph is a faith-based organization geared towards building healthy families. Benita currently is the Executive-Treasurer of the North Carolina Beehive Group and looks forward to serving the community at large.


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